Luxury Candle Brands

Luxury Candle Brands

Luxury Candle Brands

Candles are not only for winter as they provide more ambiance than actual warmth. With the cheerful flicker that can be admired year round, to the warmer months that leave a good impression as a hostess gift – the best luxury candles are meant to also display unlit.

If you’re looking to create a warm, inviting atmosphere, using the right luxury candles can be just as important as matching table settings and linen. A candle can make a house a home by just the luxurious scent and leaves lasting impressions to your guests.

Luxury candles give as much a decorative touch as a bouquet of flowers or art, and a well scented candle can match the perfect mood or occasion. From gorgeous sculptural shapes and jars to $400 candle holds, these luxury candles combine desirable packing with elegant scents.

1. Vie Luxe

Vie Luxe

Founder Marjorie Grubelmann was inspired by her favorite travel destinations – among the top are Buenos Aires, ST Barthes, and Cote d’Azure – the brand’s top candle scents with a blend of beeswax botanical wax and fragrance oils.

2. Cire Trudon

Cire Trudon

The world’s oldest candle producer and royal wax manufacturer to Louis XIV and Napoleon, Cire Trudon offers a large range of natural wax candles that are encased in puffed glass hand blown by Italian artisans.

3. L’Artisan Parfumeur

LArtisan Parfumeur

Founded in 1976 by chemist-perfumer Jean Laporte, L’Artisan Parfumeur was one of the first perfume houses as its Mure et Musc scent was iconic among the scent industry. The candles are encased in black glass packaging as the Figuier has been a constant bestseller.

4. True Grace

True Grace

Founded by British husband and wife team, Philippa Nolan and Roger Biles, the handmade candles use 100% natural wax, with a range of 37 fruit and flora fragrances available. Grapefruit and Apple Blossom candles are among the top favorite best-sellers and smell wonderful in the kitchen.

5. Juss London

Juss London

6. Jo Malone

Jo Malone

7. Neom


8. Diptyque


Placement and function are the main priorities when selecting the right luxury candle. A light fragrant candle is suitable for any large space. Citrus and fruit scents are perfect for the kitchen, as Rose and lavender give the bedroom a soothing aura for relaxation.