Luxury Swimwear Brands

Luxury Swimwear Brands

Luxury Swimwear Brands

Spending quality time on the beach with your loved ones is something that every one wishes to do, but, some women restrict themselves from doing so because they do not have a fit body which would look good in swimwear. This is where the importance of swimwear brands comes into the picture. Swimwear brands come up with attractive swimsuits which ensure that you look attractive and hot on the beach.

Leading Names In The World

1. Seafolly


Seafolly is a brand which is extremely popular all over the world for its stylish swimsuits. The Goddess swimsuit of this brand, manufactured using 93% nylon and 7% elastane, promises you a perfect fit, which makes for comfortable wear. This brand ensures that your guy’s eyes will be only on you.

2. Komene


Komene is another brand which is highly popular in the category of swimwear. The high quality materials used to prepare the swimsuits of this brand make them extremely comfortable to wear. The swimsuits of this brand have an added advantage of hygienic protection at the bottom of the swimwear. They are designed to make your body look sexy and seductive. 

3. Staringirl (TM)

staringirl  tm

Staringirl is a brand which comes up with unique swimwear for women and the most special kind of swimwear offered by them is the high waist bikini. They ensure that your belly looks slim and you look extremely attractive on the beach. 

4. Zeagoo


This brand is known for the amazing quality of its swimwear. The swimsuits of this brand are prepared using spandex and polyster and the best part is that they are designed according to the latest trends and fashion. This brand offers swimsuits which are not only suitable for beaches, but also for swimming pools.

5. Victoria’s Secret  

victorias secret

6. Land’s End

lands end

7. Dolce and Gabbana

dolce and gabbana

8. Forever 21 

forever 21

Women no longer need to think twice about spending time on the beach because the swimsuits designed, nowadays, are made in such a way that you look confident and sexy on the beach.