Four Essential Aspects That Can Get People to Work For You

Four Essential Aspects That Can Get People to Work For You

Four Essential Aspects That Can Get People to Work For You

Every company needs a strong foundation in order to support itself, its partners, its clients, and its future endeavors. To do that a company needs to have not only a good and feasible business model but also have a good and capable roster of employees that are willing to work for them especially in the long run of the business. They would need to be morally responsible as well as technically skilled to carry out their duties that is assigned to them by the company and be able to see a future within the company rather than just simply working each day to simply set food on the table.

Recruitment of employees is how a company can grow not just in its infrastructure also with its ideals, scope, and achievements. Nowadays though, recruitment of capable employees has prove to be a difficult trial. Companies are growing left and right and startups are flourishing from all across the globe. Competition for the perfect employees in their given fields has become a warzone that companies are trying to advertise themselves everywhere that they are the future that those employees should see. There are many tactics that they employ all to just get the attention of their potential candidates.


The said candidates themselves will ultimately be the ones to decide which company would best fit them. Either for the time being or in the long haul where they could retire with and not regret their choice when signing that contract. So there are many factors that can affect their decision whether or not they will atleast listen to the companies that are interested in them, like for example the benefits, the shift schedules, dayoffs, mandatory holiday work, number of yearly leaves, health and life insurance, and most of all the salary that the company is willing to offer them. So let's view a few aspects that will help in convincing those candidates that you are the right choice.


Landing a job is hard enough as it is, with having to look for the one in the field of your choosing, looking for the company's address or the recruitment agency, then waiting in line together with other candidates then having to go through the interviews and exams process. It is during the interview process where the candidate can find out what is it exactly that the company needs from them. There may have already been some information about that when the employee was looking for a place to work through the classified ads section of the newspaper or through the online portal, but it might have been obscure or the candidate wanted some more insight on the tasks to be given.

The company also needs to be clear on the matter, they can't expect their candidates to do just about everything, anywhere and anytime no less. They need to be able to give a clear and precise response should the candidate have any questions about that matter. Having too much of a workload or even too little will cause candidates to seek other opportunities with their competition if the proper balance for work is not met. The company's end expectations of the candidate must also be in line with their interest or profession so that the two can have a mutual understanding of what is to be expected and delivered throughout the tenure.


Aside from the workload and work to be expected there are also other variables that can potentially be factors in the candidates decisions. The candidate would also have expectations in some degree with regards to the work environment, the benefits, their leaves, the company rules, the mission and vision, the health and dental plans, colleagues, the managers, and other factors. It is best to be as open as possible so that the candidates will have a more clearer perception of what is expected of them and what the company can offer either in the short run or in the long one. 

Life in the Company

Companies need to show their employees what is in it for them should they decide to stay with the company for a long time. They need to properly nurture them, let them grow, give them their space if necessary, and give them the opportunity to become a bigger part in the company than they already are. If an accountant just stays an accountant throughout their whole tenureship then there is little point in continuing to work for that company at all. 

The company would also need to improve themselves by possibly providing a better working environment, getting better health and dental plans, providing meals, improve the sanitation level, and many more. Companies need to prove that they are worth the employees investing their time, skills, and resources in. Employees in turn also would like to see them grow in one company if at all possible since changing to a different one usually has them reset their credentials when compared to a company that they have worked for years in, they have achievements or if nothing else work ethic to prove themselves.

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Those companies that can get the really talented individuals that work for them show them why they are needed by the company and how they are not just a simple accountant but something more, and how they can possibly be different from a regular accountant if they work for them. What direction the company takes itself and its employees is one way for them to attract candidates, whether that direction is good or bad is up to the candidates though.

Career Path

When employees work for a company for a given set of time, they would usually expect that they are eligible for a possible promotion to a higher rank or atleast a raise in their salary. When people get a job they never plan to maintain that specific job for 10 or even 20 years of doing the exact same thing. Employees would usually have a desired career path in a predetermined amount of time. It is also unfair for those that have worked in that position to not be compensated atleast for their loyalty with staying in the company

It is best to convey  to the candidates during the interview process that they could possibly be given a promotion or atleast a raise if the management sees that they are capable at their production values, ethically sound, morally responsible, punctual, and can step up when needed. However that would depend upon the evaluation of the said employees. 


The companies that manage to get the top talent in their professions are usually very open about their plans for them for now and for the future if he or she should ever join. So it is advisable to be as articulate as possible about this matter. It would also boost the morale of employees if they know where their path is going to take them tomorrow.

Through the Employee's Eyes

It is also important for a company especially its management, to see through the eyes of their employees. To know whether or not they company and its people are worth the said employee's time and skills. For recruiters the job descriptions and company information are all just one aspect, word of mouth and real life testimonies are another and can be a bigger factor. It is important to make a connection between the employees and management so that they can have a deeper understanding of their expectations of each other. 

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If the company is in need of talent then the company can make compromises to get the talent that they need. It is best to design and organize employee-friendly experiences that can strengthen the company as a whole. The company should not be afraid of the questions and concerns the candidates ask of them but embrace them fully to show them that they are also able to see their side and how much they want the candidates to be a part of them. The company must show to their employees that they can inspire them to work for them rather than against them.