Successful Products Made In Canada

Successful Products Made In Canada

Successful Products Made In Canada

There are many successful products that we come across in our daily lives that are made in Canada. Sure, telephone was invented in Canada but did you know that 95% of the lentils eaten in the world come from Saskatchewan? Canada also manufactures more submarines than all other countries put together.

1. French Fries


McCain, the frozen fast food manufacturer, is based in New Brunswick. The company makes one-third of the world’s frozen French fries. The state-of-the art potato processing plant is located in Florenceville-Bristol, costing $65 million.This small town is known as “The French Fry Capital of the World.” The town also hosts the Potato World museum and the National French Fry Day celebrations held in mid-July.

2. Maple Bat


Canada produces the world’s best baseball bats. Sam Holman invented the “Sam Bat,” made of maple wood because it is harder than the traditional ash tree wood. These bats are produced by The Original Maple Bat Corporation in Carleton Place, which is half an hour away from Ottawa.

3. Lentils


Canada exports the majority of green lentils in the world, to the tune of 1.5 million metric tons. 95% of this produce comes from Saskatchewan.

4. Halls


Over-the-counter cough medicine Halls is majorly manufactured in Scarborough (Ontario). Enough pills were produced at the plant at Bertrand to circle the earth at the equator around 3.4 times, when lined side-by-side.

5. Coins


The Royal Winnipeg Mint makes coins for over 60 different countries. They include kroners (Norway), pesos (Colombia), and Centavos (Cuba). Presently, the mint manufactures more than 20 million coins every day.

6. Swedish Fish


No, Swedish Fish (confectionery) isn’t made in Sweden. They are made in Hamiltion, Ontario. The plant makes 5 billion candies in a year and this accounts for the consumption of all of North America. The factory also makes Maynards Candy for Canada and the Sour Patch brand for U.S.A.

7. Cervelo Racing Bikes


Cervelo is based in Toronto and uses the same tools and techniques as that of Formula One teams to build its racing bikes. They are considered to be the lightest and the fastest racing bikes in the world. In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, athletes who rode Cervelo bikes won 10 medals. In 2008, Carlos Sastre won the le Tour de France riding a Cervelo bike.

8. Scratch cards


Pollard Banknote, a Winnipeg company, prints most of the world’s scratch cards. The firm was founded in 1907 and has opened factories throughout North America as well.

9. Cymbals


Did you know that the world’s best cymbals come from a small village in Canada called Meductic? It has a population of only 300 people! It is situated along the Saint John River in southern New Brunswick. The cymbals, under the brand name of SABIAN, are sold in 120 countries. We have all used one or more of these products at some point in our life. Little did we know that they are majorly produced in Canada!