ADP, LLC. Story

ADP, LLC. Story



ADP, LLC (also known as Automatic Data Processing) is a US-based leading provider of human resource management services software. ADP, LLC was originally called Automatic Payrolls, Inc when it was founded by Henry Taub. The ADP, LLC was founded in 1949 at Paterson, New Jersey.


adp ceo carlos rodriguez

Carlos A. Rodriguez is the current CEO (chief executive officer) as well as the President of ADP, LLC. Leslie A. Burn serves as the current Chairman of ADP, LLC.


Henry Taub launched the Automatic Payrolls, Inc in Paterson, New Jersey in 1949. It initially began as a manual corporate payroll processing service with his brother, Joe Taub. Soon, Frank Lautenberg also joined the company. In 1952, Frank Lauterman was appointed CEO and Chairman of Automatic Payrolls, Inc.

adp history

In 1957, Automatic Payrolls, Inc changed its name to Automated Data Processing, Inc (ADP, Inc). The company introduced efficient corporate employee management techniques such as mainframe computers, punched card machines and check printing machines.


adp operations

In 1961, ADP became a public-held company with around 125 employees, over 300 clients as well as annual revenue of around $400,000.In 1965, ADP established its UK subsidiary and began its European operations. In 1972, ADP Dealer Services changed its name to CDK Global, which provides integrated technology solutions and services to over 26,000 auto-deals globally.

In 1974, ADP also bought TSL (Time Sharing Limited), an innovative online computer services company. In the 1990’s, ADP started expanding operations into other business sectors as well as expanding its reach. The German company, Autonom and Paris-based GSI, a human resource and payrolls service provider in France, were acquired as the company planned to concentrate on the PEO (professional employer organizations) sector of business management.

adp ipo

In 1998, ADP reached an industrial landmark when it acquired Chessington Computer Centre, a British administrative services supplier to the UK Government. In 2006, ADP also acquired Kerridge Computer Company Ltd, an auto-parts DMS (dealer management system) provider in the UK. In the same year, ADP also bought the 2006 ‘Innovative Company of the Year’ award-winner, BZ Results, an automotive dealer service provider.

In 2010, ADP also went on to buy Cobalt, an up-coming auto marketing company.


adp headquarters and locations

ADP, LLC operates in over 112 countries from all around the world, mainly from the American continent as well as Europe. The company also has a significant presence in the Asia-Pacific region with extensive outsourcing from there.


  • ADP, LLC has been hailed as one of the leading providers of business and corporate management services and solutions.
  • ADP, LLC has been recognized as:
  • 2003, 2006 and 2005 amongst the Top-10 North American companies with AAA/Aaa rating from Moody’s as well as S&P.
  • 2006 2nd rank in the Information Week 500’s top-most 250 Innovators.
  • 2009 Top 25 Most Influential Technology Vendors by the Aberdeen Group.
  • 2010 2nd rank in the Training Top 125 List by the Training magazine.
  • 2010 1st rank on Fortune’s list of America’s Most Admired Companies (Financial Data Services category)
  • 2011 100% rating by the CEI (Corporate Equality Index) report.
  • 2012 Ranked 47 on Computer World’s 100 Best Places to Work in IT.


adp company review

ADP, LLC has been in the corporate payrolls management and other business solutions industry for a long time. It has operations covering over 100 countries all across the world. This allows for the safe prediction that the company is likely to see additional growth in income as well as size with other acquisitions as well as expansion into more relevant industries.

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