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The advancement in technology has brought about a whole new revolution. Young minds of today leave no stone not turned to engage technology with real life and bring ground breaking inventions to the fore. Now, with budding companies like Vulcun, you can enjoy your favorite games like Counter Strike with the facility of earning money.

Yes, Vulcun lets you play for money and will not make you a felon in the country. Besides, this fantastic company, started in 2014 is renowned and blends your life into complete fun with its fantasy leagues. Owned and started by young and enthusiastic sports fan, Murtaza Hussain and Ali Moiz, the company believes to offer nothing less than perfect. Being young, it comes as no surprise that the brandis a team of skilled players, best investors, partners, dedicated employees and happening software. The team brings you the biggest fantasy league with largest price pool in eSports and thrills every sports buff. You can actually win real cash by participating in the fair and transparently held terrific games and that too under the consent of US government. Vulcun does the best job to let you enjoy invigorating paid fantasy sports with absolutely no worry at all.

Also, this renowned company represented the United States at Word Championships of 2013 and finished 2nd in Summer Split, S3 NA LCS. Vulcun LCS League of Legends Weekly Fantasy Sports Games is organized on a regular basis during the usual NA/EU playoffs and seasons. Playoff games, Non-LCS games and challenger games are also included in the league time to time.

This progressing company has a smartly tailored website which provides with all essential and credible information required for you to participate in the league. From rules and regulation page for the three games DOTA, CS:GO and LCS to the blogs and from winnings to FAQs, the website speaks of smart and innovative gaming services. It brings you immense convenience while indulging in fun-filled internet gaming and makes your hobby truly your best past time, courtesy the sumptuous money that you can earn out of it.

You can also follow Vulcun on social websites like Twitter and Facebook. The users can know how it works and make their passion for gaming worth more than just a hobby. With the support of eSports, the games can go international and lead you at top of the fantastic players’ list. Vulcun lets you be a part of the legendary league and enjoy the new dimension of sports. 

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Ali Moiz
Murtaza Hussain, Ali Moiz
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