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The next time you see the popular glass cover called the Gorilla Glass Display on all the leading smartphones and gadgets in the world, think of Corning.

Corning is one of the world’s leading innovators in glass and ceramic. The process engineering and the knowledge of the material science of the company has developed products that have transformed people’s lives. For more than 160 years, the company has been a huge support and trust to the people. It roughly employs 34,000 people worldwide, being called a great employment generator.  For the people of the company, exploring the ideas is a passion and so Corning even invests 10% of revenue in research and development.

Founded by Amory Houghton in Somerville, Massachusetts, the company originally functioned as Brooklyn Flint Glass Works. It was later moved to its present headquarters, New York by the founder’s son. Corning believes that necessity is the mother of invention and so the company continues to expand the research and development facility. It had also established industrial research lab in 1908. The company has a history of science based innovations.  Corning also got into partnership with Owens-Illinios in 1935 but the liaison soon came to an end in 1938 and Owens-Illinios is today known as Owens Corning.

Corning is involved in two joint ventures namely, Dow Corning and Pittsburgh Corning. Dow Corning is the multinational corporation that is the largest producer of silicone products in the world. The latter is the global manufacturer of high quality glass products. Its glass products are used in building, energy and industrial markets.

Wendell P. Weeks was named the president of the company in April 2002. He has been working with Corning Incorporated since 1983. He was later appointed as the CEO in April 2005 and the chairman of the board in April 2007. As the President of Corning Incorporated, he helped reshape the company and return to a profitable condition after the telecom industry crashed. His main focus is now on the company’s growth opportunities and building a better and balanced company.

Corning has grown its commercial operations in India in the last three decades. It is known as Corning Technologies India Private Limited in the sub-continent. The company currently provides its services in the fields of display, environmental, telecommunications and life sciences through its office in Gurgaon.

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Gorilla Glass display that covers the front of smartphones is one of the most used inventions today. The Gorilla Glass has been an important growth area for Corning as it a hardened glass that is used for fronting over three billion electronic devices in Apple’s iPhone 6, Samsung’s Galaxy Note etc.The other current technologies produced by Corning include the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) glass in 2011, Clear Curve (optic fiber) in 2007 and Lotus glass in 2011.

“Our 2015 priorities are to sustain positive momentum in all of our businesses; continue to grow sales and earnings and extend to our commitment to return cash to shareholders”, said Weeks while outlining the company’s goals for the year 2015.

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