Foxconn SuccessStory


Started in the seventies when the competition in the field of electronics was at its best, Foxconn made a name that nobody could challenge. The optimum quality of work and the amazing standard of service was something that made them acquire a good reputation in the town and later across the world. Over the time, the company expanded business and product lines and today deals in almost every category of electronics. They are the manufacturers as well as the distributors.

Foxconn’s headquarters are situated in Tucheng, New Taipei, Taiwan. The brand is known to be one of the world’s most valuable and largest electronics contractor manufacturers.

Started in the town of Taiwan, Foxconn has scaled a lot higher in those times, and today is known to have a great customer base from the countries like the United States and Great Britain. The enterprise understands the increasing competition and hence invests a lot of time, resources and brains innovating standards.

The most known products manufactured by the Foxconn include world’s best things in the field of electronics like Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and mobile phones like Blackberry and likes of iPads and even iPhones.

Terry Gou founded Foxconn with a vision to make the life of common people simpler. If you take a closer look at the journey of the company you will realize that it has played its part really well. Foxconn opened its first manufacturing plant in China in the year 1988 at Longhua, Shenzhen. After reaching a considerably competitive level in the market, Foxconn made a deal with Intel in the year 2001 to make Intel-branded motherboards.

Being one of the top industries Foxconn in the year 2007, decided to expand in several areas by placing more manufacturing plants. Foxconn announced their plan to commence operations in Huizhou in Southern China, and this new plant values at US$500.

foxconn factory in the czech republic

Foxconn is for sure a big name in the world of electronics but its outreach for its employees is not remarkable. The company has been dragged into the cases where it was accused of providing poor working conditions for its engineers and mechanics. Some of the newspapers cited the work conditions as hazardous and lethal. A legal probe is being carried out for the same and the world awaits the final reports.

Suicides seems to be the just another problem at the work place of Foxconn. An employee was known to commit suicide at the work place. The news attracted the attention of International Media and it was then when the company was also accused of poor working condition for its employees. The company is regularly working hard to expand its business. With established networks in the world’s superpowers, the company now wants to scale the potential of the Mighty Asia.