Timex Group USASuccessStory

Timex Group USA SuccessStory

Timex Group USA

Timex Group USA, formerly known as Timex Corporation, is a well-known subsidiary company of the famous Timex Group B.V, a Dutch company. The Timex Group USA company has its headquarters based in Connecticut’s Middlebury. Timex Group USA is the next in line successor to the famous Waterbury Clock Company which was founded back in 1854 in Waterbury of Connecticut. The Timex brand watches has over 33,110 outlets for retail and a huge network of 53 distributors across 72 countries worldwide.

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Timex Group USA brand has always been dedicated to designs that are leading-edge, premium functionality and innovation through technology. These are the very same qualities that have placed the Timex brand as the frontier of the worldwide timekeeping’s industry for over the past 150 years, which is the greatest achievement of the brand in itself.

It also has numerous partnerships with the top logistics service providers all across the world in order to provide a solid support system to its huge customer sector and to uphold and cater to the global requirements at the same time. Timex Group USA has in-house manufacturing facilities which include assembly of the precision-oriented manufactured watch part through accuracy and distribution of the manufactured parts. The biggest challenge for any timekeeping business is the timely completion of fulfilling the production requirements; Timex Group USA overcomes this with the help of scheduling systems that make the use of latest quality controls and processes with the right implementation of an extensive planning system. The company has used the advantages and the possibility of time along with power, to build its remarkable reputation as a frontier and pioneer in the timekeeping industry worldwide.


The Waterbury Clock Company was established in 1854 by Connecticut’s brass manufacturers Burnham and Bennedict in order to produce clocks made of brass components such as wheels and gears. It was only later in 1857, that the Waterbury Clock Company was incorporated legally as an independent company with a network of $60,000 as capital.

And soon there were numerous companies located across the Naugatuck Valley of Connecticut, which acted as subsidiaries to this American company. it soon earned the nickname as the ‘Switzerland Of America’, due to the fact that it was the company which produced millions of clocks becoming the largest producer of clocks for domestic timekeeping business as well as for export, mainly to Europe. And at the present its successor Timex Group USA is the only timekeeping industry left in the region. The company has always experimented with its various range of products to meet with the economic and technological demands that are ever rising and ever changing.

Unique Features

Timex Group USA has to its lists of conquests, the title of being the first manufacturer of wristwatches. The wristwatches were initially developed for the American soldiers in World War I, so that they could easily read time.

Social Work

Timex Group USA has always been a staunch believer of sustainability. It was responsible for the integration of ground-mounted solar panels in 2009 in the entire Northeastern United States.


Timex Group USA is unrivalled in its reputation as the frontier of the timekeeping business in America and its reputation will only grow with the passage of time.


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