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A Brief Profile

Donna Karan International is one of the leading names in the world of fashion. They are noted for their fabulous clothing, accessories and lifestyle products. It is a based in New York and came into existence in 1984.


Donna Karan has created a limited capsule collection which consists of re-issued iconic pieces from the early 90s. This collection captures the very essence of Donna Karan at a time when the brand has just made its mark in the glamorous world of fashion. The limited edition capsule of re-issued archival runway styles includes unisex tshirts, hoodies, jackets as well as women’s dresses, bodysuits, and a jacket. Donna Karan dresses are classic shapes structured to drape over and flatter the natural contours of the body. DKNY also specializes in designer shoes and handbags. The Donna Karan Bauty collection, a collection of exotic fragrances was launched in 1992 and in 2001 Donna Karan Home collection, luxury bedding and accessories was introduced.


dkny founder

Donna Karan New York was founded in 1984 by Donna Karan. She had worked for fifteen years at Anne Klein out of which she was the head designer for ten years. In 1984 Donna and her deceased husband Stephan Weiss got the opportunity to begin on their own business through Takihyo LLC, which owned Anne Klein. The company was restructured as a publicly traded venture in 1996, and five years later it was bought by its current owner, the French luxury corporation, Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy. Karan gives the credit of her successful company to her feminine instincts. Karan’s quest for the perfect pair of jeans, coupled with her desire to dress her daughter Gabby, led to the birth of Donna Karan New York. The brand grew so popular that it soon diversified and pretty soon various other brands and labels sprung out of it, namely Donna Karan Jeans, Donna Karan Active, Donna Karan Underwear, Donna Karan Jeans Juniors, and Donna Karan Kids. The mission of the company, as a design driven company, is to represent the international appeal on New York City through their designs, marketing and delivery of a complete lifestyle outfits and accessories to the global customer.

Unique features

Only the highest standards of creativity, integrity and quality coupled with a innovative approach makes Donna Karan one of a kind and is the reason for them staying ahead of the game.

Social work

Donna Karan New York distributes a portion of its profits every year to charities that help the poor. They also encourage their employees to assist those who need it as much as possible.


Donna Karan New York is the energy as well as spirit of New York City which can be attributed as International, eclectic, fast, fun and real. Donna Karan New York anticipates and meets the real life needs and wants of people everywhere, from work to weekend, suits to jeans, fashionable and friendly, Donna Karan New York has been consistent in its delivery of unique styles all around the globe.

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