Merck & Co.SuccessStory

Merck & Co. SuccessStory

Merck & Co.

Foundation And The Road To Success In The Pharmacy Sector

With a commitment of fixing and improving the health issues around the world, Merck & Co. Inc. is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies established in the year 1891, as the subsidiary of the German Company Merck. Having its headquarters in Kenilworth in New Jersey, U.S., by market capitalization and revenue, it has been ranked the world’s seventh largest pharmaceutical company in the world.

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During its years of functioning, the company faced a lot of challenges abiding many mergers and acquisitions. In the later years, though, the company acquired the Swiss Bio Technology company OncoEthix in December, 2014 and later Merck & Co. and Ablynx expanded their 18 months old immuno-oncology collaboration by four years in July 2015.

The company at present is known as Merck in the United States and Canada; everywhere else, they are known as MSD Merck & Co. where Inc. is the legal name, with "MRK” symbol on the New York Stock Exchange. The new drugs and its smart acquisitions have helped Merck & Co to experience rapid growth in the pharmaceutical sector.

Products And Developments By Merck & Co.

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Merck & Co. that is in operation with the slogan of “Be well” has a number of products in the market that have been responsible for treating a number of diseases; some of them are as follows:


merckand co vaccines

Merck has been playing its part in generating great success stories by providing vaccines to their customers. Always dedicated towards research and producing vaccinations, Merck & Co. has unique vaccines to treat diseases that were previously thought of being untreatable. Such vaccines include; BCG, COMVAX, GARDASIL, Pedvax HIB, RotaTeq, VARIVAX and ZOSTAVAX etc., that have been curing several patients every year.

Prescription Products

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Till today, Merck has more than 50 prescription products in key therapeutic areas, such as cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, oncology, neuroscience, infectious disease, immunology and women's health. They are constantly investing billions of dollars to invent medications that can help improve lifespan and health.


oncology products

Cancer is the world’s most dicey medical situation and with Merck’s Oncology trials and investigative medicine research, the company is committed to develop a breakthrough biomedical innovation to help extend and improve the lives of people with cancer worldwide.

Animal Health Products

Apart from manufacturing drugs for human beings Merck also offers vaccines, anti-infective and anti-parasitic drugs, and pharmaceutical specialist products, as well as, value added programs, for pets.

A Pace With The Digital World

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In this Digital Age, patients have the benefit of monitoring their health issues through technology, rather than visiting a doctor every time for checkups. This is possible through the health information that is available online or through the apps and manuals that are available in the market. For this purpose, medical information manuals are published by Merck & Co. with the name of Merck Manuals committed towards providing the latest and current medical information to both their customers and the professionals.

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