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Johnson and Johnson SuccessStory

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There will be very few who haven’t heard the name - Johnson and Johnson. Only a handful of companies can claim to have a lasting legacy like them. From Johnson’s Baby Shampoo and Band-Aid bandages to Benadryl cough syrup and OneTouch Glucometers, every one of us have used a Johnson & Johnson product at one point or other in our lives.


The journey from a small company that made surgical dressings to a multinational pharmaceutical giant is nothing short of phenomenal. Back in the 1860s, there was a time where sterile surgical practices were lacking at large. Inspired by Joseph Lister, who was a pioneer of antiseptic surgery, Robert Wood Johnson along with his brothers James Wood Johnson and Edward Mead Johnson founded Johnson & Johnson in January 1886 and began to offer ready to use surgical dressings to improve sanitation and health-care practices in the 19th century.


By 1937, Johnson & Johnson expanded to countries like UK, Argentina and Brazil. The company went public in the year 1944. Johnson and Johnson offers wide range of products which can be categorised into three major divisions – Pharmaceuticals, Medical & Diagnostic Devices and Consumer Products.

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There was no dearth of expansion post diversifying into various parts of the world. In 1893, the company first introduced the Johnson’s baby powder and in the year 1954, launched their most famous Johnson’s Baby Shampoo with a no-tears formula. This line up has now grown to offer a full range of baby skin care and cosmetic products and is the most reputed name in the field.


Johnson and Johnson had always been a pioneer. The company was the first to introduce commercial first aid kits in 1888. They also were the first to introduce mass-produced sanitary napkins in the year 1896-87. Since then, they continued to be synonymous with many such firsts. Over the years, Johnson and Johnson enjoyed a steady growth and a large global identity. Today, the company’s products are sold in 175 countries and operate in more than 60 nations. It is a diversified company which has more than 275 operating subsidiaries.

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Long before the existence of the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility, Johnson and Johnson set Credo Values and a culture of giving back to the society and protecting the environment.


The company survived for more than a century and serves more than 1 billion people each day. It continues to work to improve the wellbeing of billions of people around the globe. The company created a legacy that will forever remain an inspiration for those who look up and strive to achieve success. Johnson and Johnson’s remarkable journey is a testimony to the fact that those who strive to achieve great things and dream big always find success through hard work and perseverance.

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Johnson and Johnson
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Edward Mead Johnson
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Health Services
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