Intelligent EnergySuccessStory

Intelligent Energy SuccessStory

Intelligent Energy

Intelligent Energy is a UK based power technology business specializing in the development of hydrogen-based fuel cells power systems. These systems developed by the company are applicable in power generation, power distribution, consumer electrics and automotive markets. Founded in 2001, the company is headquartered in UK, but has offices in Japan, US, India and Singapore as well. Being operational as a subsidiary of Intelligent Energy Holdings Plc., the company employs around 400 people, and has strategic alliances with Suzuki Motor Corp. and Scottish and Southern Energy Plc.

Founding of Intelligent Energy

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During the 1980s, the Loughborough University of UK became the first development and research center in Europe for PEM fuel cell technology. The R&D team created the first kW-level PEM fuel cell stack of UK in 1995. Later in the same year, Anthony Newbold, Jon Moore, Phil Mitchell and Paul Adcock founded Advanced Power Sources Ltd. (APS) as a spin-out from the University. It became the first company in UK dedicated to developing and commercializing PEM fuel cells. Intelligent Energy founded in 2001 by Harry Bradbury acquired APS, and used its intellectual property into the technology of PEM fuel cells.

Product range of Intelligent Energy

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In 2005, Intelligent Energy launched the first fuel cell motorbike in the world, named as ENV, for which it was recognized as the Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum. In 2007, the company partnered with Suzuki Motor Corporation to work on the development of more vehicles and hydrogen fuel cells. In 2008, they established IE-CHP, a joint venture with SSE plc that became one of the biggest energy businesses in the UK for development of fuel cells and other CHP related application technologies.

In partnership with Boeing, the company also created power system for the first flight powered by fuel cell, followed by fuel-cell taxi and Suzuki Burgman fuel cell scooter. SMILE FC Corporation announced establishment of a ready-to-scale production range for its fuel cell systems in 2013, that would be utilizing semi-automated production technology of Intelligent Energy.

Operational sectors

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Intelligent Energy is operational in three sectors of the market: automotive, consumer electronics, and distributed power and generation. The company developed first fuel cell stacks for large and small cars, motorbikes and scooters. As far as the consumer electronics sector is concerned, the company is dedicated to developing power solutions for a wide range of portable devices. The company also provides backup and replacement power in the telecommunication sectors in place of diesel generators.

Some of the most notable awards achieved by Intelligent Energy include Best of What’s New 2005 Award from Popular Science in 2005, World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer in 2006, Good Design Award, Transportation category in 2007, and Rushlight Award, Hydrogen and Fuel Cells category in 2008. Some of its recent awards include European Business Awards “Ruban d’Honneur” in 2009, The Engineer Technology and Innovation Energy Award in 2010, Tech Tour Award in 2010, and Leicester Mercury Business Award in 2013.

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Intelligent Energy
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Harry Bradbury
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