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If you want to watch your favorites TV shows, movies and programs at your own convenient time, then viewing them online is the best thing you can do. Hulu is an American based company that offers a wide selection of video clips, TV shows, movies, and other streaming media over the Internet. Subject to availability, it allows subscribers to access HD episodes from prime channels like CW, ABC, NBC and Fox via Internet enabled devices. The devices to which the company caters to include not only laptops and computers, but also set top boxes, televisions, tablets, gaming consoles, smartphones etc.

Hulu Operations


Subscribers of Hulu can select from thousands of episodes of prime time TV shows, documentaries, movies, video clips and many other types of streaming media files. While Hulu is supported by ads for a major part, it has revenue sharing deals with major online giants like Yahoo, MSN, AOL and other partner sites. Hulu distributes content to these sites, in return for which these sites place their ads on its portal. Hulu has picked up a fast momentum with viewers as it offers web syndication services for AOL, MSN, FaceBook, XfinityTV, MSN, MySpace, Yahoo and other sites.

Hulu Services

hulu srevices

At present, Hulu services are accessible to users in US and Japan only, including the overseas territories of the US. Other geographical locations are blocked by the location of their IP addresses. The company offers Flash format videos of thousands of shows and films, available in 288, 360, 480 and 720 pixel resolution. Hulu is being operational as a joint venture between Disney-ABC TV Group, Fox Broadcasting Company, and NBC Universal TV Group. Companies like Microsoft, McDonald’s, Toyota and Target have also advertised over Hulu since its inception.

Hulu Subscriptions

Monthly subscription service from Hulu also contains some advertising, but offers an expanded library of content, including complete seasons, more shows than free version of Hulu, and also a bigger range of viewing choices. Free version is available on laptops and computers, but subscription service allows users to access Hulu from a wide range of devices, including gaming consoles, smart televisions, set top boxes, smartphones etc. A ‘Limited Commercials’ version is available for $7.99 per month, while the ‘No Commercials’ version can be availed at $11.99 per month.

Popularity of Hulu

hulu popularity

The sales of Hulu reportedly jumped over 65% in 2012 driven by subscriptions and advertising. As of now, the service as 9 million individual consumers, 500 content partners, and 2000 advertisers. Till date, Hulu has streamed more than 700 million hours of content. Keeping these numbers in view, Hulu can be described as one of the most popular video streaming sites for US and Japan. It was also planned to be launched in UK and Ireland, but deals could not be signed for some reasons, and it was abandoned for the time being.

If you are living in US or Japan, and have an Internet enabled device, then Hulu can quickly come to your rescue, whenever you are feeling bored, or if you had missed your favorite show last night.

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