Maxim Integrated Story

Maxim Integrated Story

Maxim Integrated

History and Foundation

history and foundation

Maxim Integrated is an American based company that develops, designs, manufactures and markets analogue circuits. This company was founded in 1983 using a two-page business plan, $9 Million capital and nine members including Jack Gifford and Fred Beck. While the headquarters are in San Jose, California, it has branches in over six countries. The company offers various products that cater to industrial markets, consumers, computing, data centre, communication and automotive.

Recent Updates

recent updates

With a revenue of about $2.19 Billion, facilities in more than six countries and over 8800 employees, Maxim Integrated provides products that cater to various markets throughout the globe. In addition to securing talented and experienced engineers, Maxim has diversified the company’s brand by building its own facilities in different parts of the world such as Thailand.

various lucrative acquisition

While the company has benefited from the various lucrative acquisition, it has gained major growth through innovations and internal development. This has enabled the company to win numerous awards such as Best Supplier Award of 2013, Best Company For Leaders in 2014. It has also been listed as one of America's 100 Most Trustworthy Companies. By offering high-quality products, Maxim has also received various ISO Certifications.



Maxim International Company started by presenting second source products. However, its first breakthrough success was when they produced a single chip called MAX232. The success of this chip cemented their status as one of the best technical leaders. Maxim further went on to diversify their products and acquire lucrative acquisition that has helped this company grow and generate profit.


Their first acquisition was in 1990 when they purchased fabrication facility in California. Four years down the line they also acquired Textronic Semiconductor division. Over the years this company has acquired various semiconductor fabrication facilities in regions such as Texas and California. Currently, it has over 3200 products under its brand, and the number will increase as Maxim continues to introduce new products on a yearly basis.



Maxim produces and sells products such as microcontrollers, data loggers, charge pumps, switching regulators and broadband switches that cater to various markets.

The company also:

•    Produces automotive end market products such as body electronic, powertrain and infotainment.


•    Use technology to come up with a wide variety of consumer products end markets like handheld computers, digital cameras, smartphones, fitness wearables and home entertainment appliances.

•    Offers products that can be used in communication and data end markets like datacom, servers, data storage, base stations, network, and telecom.

•   Manufactures products that cater to the industrial end markets such as electrical power supply management, automatic test equipment as well as medical, military, aerospace and security meters.

circuit board

•    Unveil company’s product that functions in various computing products like desktops, notebooks, and other computer peripherals.

Even with the availability of stiff competition, the diversified portfolio of products enables Maxim integrated to generate profits and growth over the years. Additionally, in an environment where employees are allowed to use their creativity as articulated in the Maxim Principles, the success of this company will keep growing.


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Maxim Integrated
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