Analog Devices Story

Analog Devices Story

Analog Devices Inc.



Analog Devices, Inc., also famous by the he appellation of ADI or Analog is a multinational firm with American origin which primarily specializes in Signal receiving and transmission technologies along with developing hardware in data transformation methods. The company was founded by two Massachusetts University of Technology alumni Matthew Lorber and Ray Stata in January 18, 1965. Its head office is located in Norwood, in the state of Massachusetts, USA. Analog are a world leader in the manufacture of electronic products and equipments pertaining to signal processing and its applicability in various sectors such as defence, space research, communications and other allied and concomitant aspects.

matthew lorber

In 1969, the company first floated its shares in the stock market and made its emergence in the business world felt. It got registered with the New York Stock Exchange in 1979, thus completing the process of transforming itself into a continually innovating and evolving corporation whose deeper forays into further research and upgrading of its products, such as their launching the first digital to analog converting device, constituted an essential and rejuvenating aspects in the years after its emergence into the market.

Organizational Structure

organizational structure

Stata, after serving as the company’s CEO from 1973 to 1996, took his leave and after that Jerald G. Fishman became the President and CEO from 1996 till 2013. After Fishman’s death in March 2013, the executive ranks were overhauled and the current personages at the top ranks took their place. The current top echelons of the company are help by the following persons.

  • President and CEO – Vincent Roche

  • Executive Vice President – Rick D. Hees

  • Chief Technology Officer – Peter Real

  • Director of Finance– David A. Zinsner

The total number of personnel working in this company comes close to around nine thousand six hundred persons, as on 2014. All employees are endowed with substantial health care benefits along with conspicuous shares in company stocks.

vincent roche

Furthermore, housing and transportation allowances are also given to the working personnel.  



With its headquarters in the USA, the company has numerous subsidiaries which are located throughout many countries of the world such as in China, India, Israel and the like. It has four regional headquarters which are located at Tokyo, Munich, Shanghai and Limerick (Ireland).  The chief and pivotal unit of the company which is used for ascertaining the veracity and applicability of any product to be launched is located in Philippines.

Commercial Ventures

commercial ventures

Apart from data converters and processors, Analog has also made engaging and substantial forays into the world of amplifier technology, in the form of ‘radio Communications Technology’, ‘Integrated Circuit Designs’, ‘Semi-conductor chips’ and many more. Its highly successful ‘Micro Electromechanical Systems’ (MEMS) had found a wide application in the installed voice systems of devices such as mobile phones, laptops, medical apparatus(involving sound resonance) and sound mechanisms related to military use, especially in radar technologies and submarines.

engineer zone

As a part of its community and professional outreach endeavors, the company announced the creation of ‘Engineer Zone’, an online support portal mainly intended as a platform for dialogue among engineers and other technicians for the acceleration of the emergence of new innovative ideas along with providing a common discussion medium.

latest trends

Apart from this, the company has also launched a free scientific journal released on a monthly basis titled ‘Analog Dialogue’ wherein the newest trends and emergent features related to engineering mechanism, apparatus and technology are discussed along with providing a regular source of staple reading for the technical fraternity situated to all corners of the world.

Latest Trends

latest trends

Recently (February, 2017), a surge in the rise of the company’s stocks’ price has been evidenced by the Royal bank of Canada, testifying to the company’s successful efforts  to providing first rate apparatus and accessories to its customers worldwide as well as the confidence of potential shareholders in its stocks.

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