Essilor Company Story

Essilor Company Story



essilor company

Essilor has been in business since 1972, and they’ve grown to become the best producers of the best ophthalmic lenses as well as related optical equipment. The company is headquartered in Charenton-le-Pont, France, and it is part of the Euro Stoxx 50 share index. Essilor continues to play a fundamental in the society, and the company’s primary goal is to make sure that everyone who has a problem with vision gets the necessary help that they need. Until today, Essilor is recognized for creating Varilux, which is the world’s best progressive lens, which helps to improve short as well as far visions.

Company History

essilor company history

Earlier, Essilor was two independent ophthalmic firms: Essel and Silor. This was between 1849 and 1972. Essel was a small eyeglass assembly workshop which grew rapidly with the help of the acquisition of factories in Paris, France. Silor, on the other hand, operated under the brand name Lissac. The company invested in progressive lenses, Lissac. Even when it changed its name later to Silor, the agency continued to make its own unique discovery. They pioneered the Orma 1000 lens by using lightweight and very high-quality materials. The two companies worked separately for quite a long time, until 1972.

essilor building

On 1 January 1972, Essel and Silor merged to form one company, Essilor. It was, at that time, known as the largest and the most popular ophthalmic optical company in the world. Immediately after the merger, Essilor continued to make unique and well-though creations of products that targeted its consumer base. The first year of the establishment started by two important events. First, the company created a non-trading company, Valoptec. The main reason for the establishment was to make the company the holder of the capital of Essilor. The second event was the acquisition of the Benoist-Bethiot, a company that deals in the production of progressive lenses in France.

Vision of the Company and its Growth

essilor vision

The company has remained true to its vision since the merger of two independent companies. From the onset, Essilor wanted to become an amazingly true optical group. Since the establishment of the company, until today, Essilor continues to specialize in the creation of special progressive lenses. The growth of the company was not a walk in the park for sure. The company worked hard to change from being just an exporting business to an international enterprise. To make this dream come true, Essilor expanded its establishment by acquiring a number of manufacturing plants in the Philippines, the United States of America, and Ireland.

The Research Team

essilor research team

Essilor wouldn’t have been what it is today without the involvement of a committed, experienced, and hardworking research and development team. At present, the company has over 500 researchers in its Technology centers. The innovation of the company has contributed to its popularity and growth. So much, in fact, Forbes ranked Essilor on the 49th spot of the most innovative companies in the world. Today, Essilor is ranked as the fourth largest company in ranking in its niche market.

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