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If you do not hope, you will not find what is beyond. Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporation is a global leader and a multinational company. It is one of the important businesses outsourcing company in the world.

Founders and Company Background

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The headquarters of the company is in Teaneck, New Jersey. It was founded originally as a technology unit of Dun & Bradstreet, and the headquarters are in Chennai, India.

In 1996, Cognizant started exceeding performance with its international clients. The next year, the company had its headquarters moved from Teaneck to Chennai in India. Cognizant was the first company to be listed on NASDAQ 100. 

After accepting some of the work of application maintenance, it went into application development. During the 2000s, time looked like a golden era for the company. It became one of the Future 500 companies in 2011. It is also known as the World’s Most Admired Companies.


The company is split into two new major services, Nelson Media Research, and IMS Health. After some time, it became the public subsidiary of the IMS Health. But in 2003, Cognizant sold all its shares in the subsidiary and the CEO also resigned from his post. The company expanded its work from IT services to Outsourcing and business consulting as well. There was a fast growth in the success of Cognizant. The services provided include application development, business intelligence, supply chain management, CRM, etc.

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Cognizant also follows a global model for delivery. There are many offshore offices of the companies span over many countries in the world. The main sources of business for the company were the American as well as European clients. The company is a provider of high-end services in all fields. It is one of the top 10 companies that are legitimate in bringing the employee on H-1B into the US. 

The company also has plans to increase its US business operations in the coming years. A total of 50 recruiters is continually hiring in the United States for different positions in the US itself. The company has nine delivery centers in the United States, Bridgewater, New Jersey; Phoenix, Arizona,  Des Moines Iowa, etc.

cognizant headquarters in teaneck

Cognizant houses around 150,000 employees and has spanned all over the world. There are many development centers of the company as well. There are many units which are divided into vertical and horizontal sections. The vertical unit is for Healthcare, Retail, Banking Services, whereas the horizontal unit focuses on mobile computing, testing, and BPO. More than 100,000 employees work in India. The major revenue of the company is from financial companies and then from healthcare industries.

The company also launched the Go Green initiative in the year 2008. This cause completely focused on recycling, waste management, and energy conservation.

Cognizant is the 50th traded companies in the United States. 

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