George Edward Woodberry Quotes

George Edward Woodberry quotes have been one of the most popularly known inspiring observations quoted by great American poet and literary critic. He was born in Massachusetts and graduated in 1877 from the Harvard College, wherefrom, he went on to become an English professor at Nebraska University. An elected American Academy of Arts and Letters nominee, Woodberry had also been a professor of comparative literature at the Columbia University and in 1930 the Poetry Society of America awarded him with the Frost Medal, one among the first three.

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  • A True Failure

    "Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure"

     One of the most authentic publications of the work of Percy Bysshe Shelly was edited by him in 1892 along with and among many such editions. Another notable name was Edgar Allen Poe in 1894. One of America’s greatest writers, George Edward Woodbury is high respected for compositions in the nine volumes of National Studies in American Letters.

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