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The list of thegreatest comediansto have ever lived would be incomplete without the name of Sam Levenson.Apart from being a comedian the man was a brilliant teacher, TV hostand journalist. He was born on December 28, 1911, in a large Jewish immigrant family and went on to graduate from the Brooklyn College.

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    Sam is remembered for hosting the immensely popular game show named Two for the Money and for appearing on This Is Show Business. His most successful show was The Sam Levenson Show, which ran for a total of 10 years in a row.  Apart from this he appeared on shows such as The Ed Sullivan Show,The Price Is Right and What’s my line?Sam also authored several books during his lifetime such as Everything ButMoney, In One Era And Out The Otherand Sex and the Single Child, which turned out to be bestsellers. Apart from spreading smiles, he has also inspired many.

    Here are a few powerful quotes from Sam.

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