Hal Borland Quotes

Hal Borland was a popular American journalist and author. He was known for having written numerous books and novels about the outdoors. Hal worked for the New York Times for over 3 decades and wrote outdoor editorials for the paper. Hal’s biography is an interesting read and is available on the Internet as well as in the form of a film. Some of the popular nature books written by Hal include An American Year, Twelve Moons of the Year, The Amulet, Hill Country Harvest and several others.

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  • 1. No winter Lasts

    No winter lasts
    "No winter lasts forever no spring skips its turn"

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    Hal’s quotes were extremely popular amongst readers and fans. His sayings and adages on nature have a profound impact on nature lovers. Hal enjoyed being in the company of trees and used to look forward eagerly for the season of summer. Another extremely popular book written by Hal was Book of Days. Hal was passionate about writing and was a true nature lover.

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