April Winchell Quotes

April Winchell Quotes

April Winchell is one of many people with several admirable quotes on day to day life and the emotions we all go through. April was born into a prominent family; her father was a popular actor, writer and Radio host. She attributes much of her personality to her upbringing; she mentions enjoying growing in the shadow of a very talented father and her struggles as her child to adapt to his mental health issues.


I wish you a tolerable
"I wish you a tolerable Thursday. That's all any of us can hope for"

April Winchell grew up to be the actor, radio host, comedian and commentator popular for many thought provoking quotes. April Winchell has many prominent current and past projects to her credit including several Disney animated films, including major ones such as Antz, and several other popular on the Disney channel. As a radio presenter she aired a show on KFI for three years that enjoyed that fastest growing audience in the history of the station. April Winchell is also involved in theater and advertising.

April mentions struggling with public admission of her family issues such as illness and drug use until her father wrote a biography in which he openly discussed his family. It would appear that this opened the flood gates of emotion that led to the many witty and realistic quotes. She has a foundation named Regretsy that has successfully brought light to many disadvantaged children. April is also a staunch supporter of various charities dealing with diverse social issues. Based on her many films roles and passion for children’s films we can conclude that her many quotes serve the purpose of providing inspiration and guidance to budding minds.