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Ruth Gordon truly was a woman of substance. An actress, screenwriter and playwright byprofession, she was one of the most successful womenthe industry has ever seen. Born on October 30, 1896 in Massachusetts, Ruth was the only child of her parents. Having a career in showbiz seemed to be her destiny as her first assignment was as an infant and it involved using her photofor an advertisement.

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    Ruth had a career that span a total of 6 decades and had her star in over 50 hit productions overall. She contributed majorly as a writer too during her lifetime, for several movies that earned her many academy award nominations. Her most famous works comprise of movies such as theTwo-Faced Woman, Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet, Maxie, Pat and Mike and the Three Sisters. Her work to this date is remembered and inspires many aspiring actors all across the globe.

    Here are a few stirring quotes from Ruth.

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