Rachael Bermingham Quotes

Rachael Birmingham is an Australian author,former TV personality, entrepreneur, mentor andpublic speaker and a hairdresser. She is truly a woman of numerous talents and an inspiration for many. Her name clearly reminds us of her four-bestseller books, but little do we know about the journey of this magnificent personality. Rachael started as a hairdresser and her journey was filled with struggles and hardships throughout.

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    " 'It's not about having enough time, it's about makingenough time"

    It is undoubtedly unconventional that someone who worked as a hairstylist ata salon is today among one of the most significant personalities in the world. A public speaker who has spoken boldly about various different causes and issues, Rachael’s words are often the ones from which budding talents seek inspiration. An example of courage and determination to millions, she has proved it to the world that a woman alone can work wonders and there are no mountains, which she cannot fathom.

    Here are a few stimulating quotes from Rachael.



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