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The name Muhammad Ali is synonymous with words and titles like the champion and “King of the Ring”.Born as Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr., he isundoubtedly the greatest boxer the world has ever seen.The man is perseverance and dedicationepitomized and stood up for various causes both in and outside the ring during his career. Along with sheer athleticism, he has displayed skills of a man well polished and shown all what aperson canachieve by hardwork.

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    Ali’s career had him accomplishing a total of 22 World Heavyweight Championshipsand a Gold Medal at the Olympics along with numerous prestigious awards by various organizations and publishing houses. Dubbed as “The Greatest”, Ali’s life has been an inspiration to many across the world and a trademark for dedication to one’s craft.Muhammad continues to live a life which stands for religious freedom, racial justice and human values and lets it influence all in the best way possible.

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