Lolly Daskal Quotes

Lolly Daskal Quotes

Lolly Daskal, the founder and owner of a leading consulting firm named “Lead From Within” based out of New York, specializing in leadership and entrepreneurial development. Lolly has worked with world’s most successful and largest companies for more than 30 years now. One of the supreme leadership consultant and coaches in today’s world, Lolly has a clientele range from heads of state and large multinational companies to potential entrepreneurs. Her clients value her extraordinary commitment to brilliance, integrity, and produced results.


"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself"

Lolly was orphaned when she was a teen. She was left homeless and had to look after herself. But she battled hard beating all the odds becoming a successful person in life. She made her way to a great and a very successful career for herself. Besides this, she has also written a book “Thoughts Spoken from the Heart” and has written many columns and articles for online media such as, Psychology Today, and Fast Company etc.

Inc. magazine named Lolly Leadership Experts to Follow in the year 2015. Additionally, Lolly was named as the utmost inspiring individual in the world by Huffington Post. Her quotes about leadership are exemplary. The wisdom of her words empowers and encourages by creating the success, claiming the inner strength, and leading a meaningful life full of heart. Daskal's program uses a unique heart-based leadership approach to help clients achieve their best and helping them accelerates and delivers on their professional goals and business objectives producing really extraordinary and successful outcomes.