Horace Quotes

Qunitus Horatius Flaccus, pronounced by English speakers as Horace was a Roman lyric poet. Horace lived during the period of the Octavian also known as the time of Augustus. Horace’s biography is an extremely interesting and intriguing read and is available in most leading encyclopedias including Britannica. Horace’s The Odes were extremely popular amongst his readers and still continue to be crowd pleasers. Horace’s poems are considered classics and play a vital role for students studying literature.

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    "Wisdom is not wisdom when it is derived from books alone."


    Horace’s quotes are extremely realistic and factual. His sayings and adages have a profound influence on readers, fans and students majoring in English literature. Horace tried to urge his readers to understand that courage was an extremely important aspect to achieve success and it is also necessary to be self-confident in order to be a good leader. He also urged upcoming and budding poets to write the best poems they could, as men, booksellers and gods have never tolerated mediocrity in poetry.

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