Elizabeth Kenny Quotes

Elizabeth Kenny was an Australian nurse who made aggressive promotions to a controversial modern approach in the treatment of polio. Elizabeth discovered that contrary to popular medical belief of immobilizing the muscles of polio patients, the method of exercising the patient’s muscles was more effective. It was on the basis of Kenny’s principle and discovery of muscle rehabilitation that physiotherapy was founded. Elizabeth was a headstrong woman who was also popular for her motivational and encouraging quotes. She strongly believed holding anger was harmful and if anyone had the power to anger you they could conquer you too.

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  • Lion and Sheep

    "It is better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life."

    Elizabeth’s quotes pushed people to not spend the rest of their lives in the darkness of the shadows of fear. Elizabeth was an independent thinker and she wasn’t afraid of being opposed by the world and by society. Elizabeth’s quotes urged people to fight for what they believed in and never backed down until success was achieved. 

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