George Addair Quotes

George Addair is known for serving humanity through his Omega Vector Programs. Omega was created in 1978 and in the last four decades or so, George has managed brighten up the future of more than 65,000 graduates. These graduates have contributed to the world with the inspiration and knowledge they have received from George Addair. Omega is basically program of self-knowledge for anyone who wishes to live a life more effective.

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    "Everything you have ever wanted is on the other side of fear."

    Addair had devoted his entire life in this service. He had his humble beginnings amidst the Appalachian Mountains of the Western Virginia. Having served in the Korean War, George drifted into religious studies and went on to become a minister. The very first Baptist Church Page, Arizona was founded by him in 1950. He had also founded the Ageless Wisdom Teachings through which he addresses spiritual issues of different levels. Whoever has attended his seminars has experienced the inspiring ambience generated by George Addair quotes.


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