Faith Quotes

Faith Quotes

A “leap of faith” is what we all need in life when everything else seems to be in dark. Faith is something that can’t be described in words but to be felt with the inner spirit. It defines a divine connection with the Almighty and it supports us with the desired strength to move on, even when everything seems to be wrong. While fear prevents us from exploring the unknown, faith encourages us to stay calm and proceed with a positive mind.

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  • 1. Forgiveness

    Forgiveness is like
    "Forgiveness is like faith. You have to keep reviving it"
    -Mason Cooley

    2. About Life

    The further I
    "The further I get, the further I want to go"

    3. About GOd

    God is not preparing the
    "God is not preparing the Blessing for YOU, He is preparing YOU for the Blessing"
    -Td Jakes

    4. Life

    Don t Follow
    "Don't follow the path. Go where there is no path and start a trail"
    -Ruby Bridges

    5. Attitude

    I need to have something to
    "I need to have something to source my energy to and something to remove me from my own weird brain."
    -Andy Biersack

    6. Dream

    Get out, reali
    "Get out, realize your dream, and go for it"
    -Kai Greene

    7. Never Gave Up

    I never gave up, even
    "I never gave up, even when people told me I'd never make it; Never underestimate the heart of a champion"
    -Kai Greene

    8. Hope

    I just hope
    "I just hope I'm faster than the defenders I play against."
    -Alex Morgan

    9. Make You Strong

    Whatever brings
    "Whatever brings you down, will eventually make you stronger."
    -Alex Morgan

    10. Shines

    Everything that
    "Everything that shines ain't always gonna be gold"
    -Kid Cudi

    11. Indestructible

    One arrow alo
    "One arrow alone can be easily broken but many arrows are indestructible."
    -Genghis Khan

    12. One Mind and One Faith

    Be of one mind and one
    "Be of one mind and one faith, that you may conquer your enemies and lead long and happy lives."
    -Genghis Khan