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Pierre Corneille was born on June 6, 1606 to French family of lawyers who lived in Rouen. He studied Law like his parents and in 1629, entered the parliament of Rouen. For the next 21 years of his life, he served as the legal counsellor to the King in the waterways department. However, in these years, he managed to write twenty plays. He wrote twelve more after retiring from his profession. Corneille quotes and phrases are like scriptures for lawyers all over the world but they have also inspired regular people.

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    It’s interesting how he is considered as the Father of French tragedy in spite of the fact that the first six plays written by him were comedies. He was invited to join the “society of the five authors” by Cardinal de Richelieu, an iconic French political figure who had been one of the many admirers of Corneille. However, he did not find the rigid rules of the society very favourable and left the group to rejoin his legal professions. He still wrote some brilliant plays independently and of his best creations is considered to be the Le Cid.

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