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Victoria Ransom is one of those people who have worked hard for the career heights that she has managed to achieve so far. She is best known for being a serial entrepreneur, who founded a total of three very successful companies. Born in New Zealand, Victoria at the age of 17 went on to graduate from theUnited World Collegehighschoolin New Mexico on a scholarship which she had won.Then she graduated from the Macalester College with a BA degree. She even holds an MBA from the prestigious Harvard Business School.

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    "Even if you dont have the perfect idea to begin with, you can likely adapt"

    Victoria started off her career in London, working as a business consultant and then shifted to Morgan Stanley in New York City. After some time she founded the Wildfire Interactive, a social marketing related company. Ransom has won numerous awards for her achievements and has been named as theYoung Global Leader bythe World Economic Forum and Fortune magazine’s Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs.

    Here are a few notable quotes from Victoria Ransom herself.


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