Quotes About Dealing with Breakups and Reasons for It

Break ups are anyone’s worst nightmare. When you are all happy in a relationship, you never really know how a break up can change you until it happens. Break ups are real, and can drive people into depression if not well managed. The end of a relationship can easily make you feel like your world is ending. Regardless of your age or experience in relationships, break ups are not easy to manage.

1. About Life

you got  1
"You've Have Got Loves Of Your Life & Breaks Up Your Life That Kind Of Thing They Leave A Mark Stays With You, A Bad After Taste"

2. You Flew Off With

you flew
"You Flew Off With The Wings Of My Heart And Left Me Flightless"

3. You Can't Blame Gravity

you cant blame
"You Can't Blame Gravity For Falling In Love"

4. You Can Victimize

you can
"You Can Victimize Yourself By Wallowing Around In Your Own Part"

5. Courage

you can never
"You Can Never Cross The Ocean Unless You Have The Courage To Loss Sight Of The Shore"

6. You Can Love

You can love some
"You Can Love Someone So Much.... But You Can Never Love People As Much As You Can Miss Them"

7. Men And Women

"When Men And Women Are Able To Respect And Accept Their Differences Than Love Has To Chance To Blossom "

8. When Trees Burn

When trees burn, they leave the
"When Trees Burn, They Leave The Smell Of Heartbreak In The Gir"

9. Love

What is love
"What Is Love? The Total Absence Of Fear Said The Master What Is It We Fear Love"

10. Attitude

we rarely
"We Rarely Confide In Those Who Are Better Than We Are"

The world might fail to understand what you are going through. People might judge your grief, but the wearer of the shoe knows where it pinches the most. After a breakup, one cannot help but hurt, especially when you think of the investments that you channeled in a relationship. Whether they are emotional or financial investments, it is okay to hurt and cry some more.

They say the first step to healing is acknowledging and accepting a problem. However, you cannot spend a better part of your life crying yourself to sleep because of a relationship that worked out of the window. When you have no control over a situation, the least you can do is gather your broken pieces and try to move on.

Take a break up as a learning opportunity. Take the lessons, run with them, and wait for a better future. Instead of locking yourself in your room, spend time with people who still value your love. Being busy and spending time with positive minded people is a great destruction to drift your mind from a breakup. Whichever way you choose to handle a break up, determines how you move on with future relationships. Here are break up quotes to make you know that you are never alone:

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