Ludacris Quotes

Ludacris Quotes

Ludacris, whose real name is Christopher Brian Bridges, has over the years developed an interesting catalogue of quotes, mostly through his rap songs as well as in movies he has appeared in. He has built a successful career as a rapper and an actor. He has won numerous awards, including Grammy and Screen Actors Guild awards. This has in turn motivated many young and aspiring artistes to follow in his steps.


My work is like my vacation,
"My work is like my vacation, so in a way every day is like Saturday"

Ludacris is very popular among the youth around the world. Some of his most popular rap songs include Rollout (My Business) and Area Codes. As an actor, Ludacris is best known for his roles in The Fast and Furious franchise.

His quotes focus mostly on life and love, and are sometimes inspirational. Ludacris encourages young people to always strive for perfection, as he believes that there is room for improvement in everything we do. He urges young people not to give up, no matter the situation. He also believes that education is important, even if young people wish to pursue careers in show business. Ludacris further advises that passion, rather than money, should be the main driving force in what we do.

It is encouraging that such a successful and popular personality has words of wisdom and motivation for the youth. Ludacris, in his quotes, has shown that it is possible to be successful in show business while being sober minded at the same time. This is the exemplary mentality that the youth should adopt.