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19-year-old Adam Horwitz is a millionaire and entrepreneur. This self-made young man had only one goal, which was to create a million dollar company before he reached the age of 21. Before his 18th birthday, this young, brilliant and successful man broke the million-dollar revenue mark. Adam is popularly known for the creation of Mobile Monopoly.

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    "The hardest part about being an entrepreneur is that you will fail ten times for every success"

    Mobile Monopoly is an online course that educated individuals on how to earn money by generating mobile marketing leads. Mobile Monopoly has excellent reviews. Adam’s quotes encourage young people to achieve their dreams and even push them to become entrepreneurs. Adam’s adages have a profound influence on entrepreneurs. He strongly agrees through his own experience that the road to becoming a successful entrepreneur is not easy and it often takes several failed attempts to achieve success. 

    Adam himself has funded over 30 of his own unsuccessful web ventures before actually achieving success with mobile monopoly. Adam loves building businesses and then watching them grow into something big. He believes that the journey to success is more exciting than the success itself and has a large number of followers on twitter.

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