Ronald McAulay Success Story

Full Name : Ronald McAulay
Born :
Birth Place : Kowloon
Country : Hong Kong
Education : University of Glasgow Scotland
Occupation : Entrepreneur
Industry : Business
Networth : $ 2.5 Billion

Currently around 78 years old, Ronald McAulay is a brilliant businessman and a billionaire. According to Forbes, Ronald is the 690th richest billionaire in the world and the 25th richest man in Hong Kong. His major sources of wealth are diversified. His estimated net worth is US$ 2.5 billion.


There is absolutely no information about Ronald’s childhood that has been divulged. He is certainly one of those billionaire’s who’ve been ultra cautious about keeping the stories of their life away from the public scrutiny.

Early Career

Ronald completed his Master of Arts from the University of Glasgow. Since the year 1968 Ronald has played the role of Non-Executive director at CLP Holdings.


ronald mcaulay

Ronald has been playing the role of Non-Executive director at CLP holdings since the year 1968. Ronald also owns a huge stake in the company. Ronald also is on the board of Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels Group, and he owns a large stake in the company. The Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels Group is popularly known for its famous Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong.

Besides his role in business, Ronald is also extremely passionate about art. He is a council member of a trustee on numerous charitable art foundations and commercial charitable organizations. This enterprising man is also a member of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the International Council of the famous Tate Gallery.

Career Highlights

gagosian gallery s giacometti

After completing his masters in Arts from the University of Glasgow, Ronald became the Non-Executive Director at CLP Holdings. He has been playing this role since the year 1968. Besides this he is also a member on the board of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels Group.

He has a large stake in both organizations. His keen interest in art has driven him to become a member of the International Council of the Tate Gallery and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Ronald also is a trustee of several commercial and art charitable organizations.

Personal Life

rita mcaulay and ronald mcaulay

Pretty much no information is shared about Ronald’s personal life. However we do know that this ambitious, smart and classy businessman is the brother-in-law of the famous Hong Kong Billionaire Sir Michael Kadoorie. Ronald is a married man, he is currently 78 years old and there is no mention of any children from his marriage. He currently resides in Hong Kong and even holds a Hong Kong citizenship.

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