Rajan Raheja Story

Rajan Raheja Story

Rajan Biharilal Raheja

The name of Exide batteries is very much common amongst the riders. And the magazine aficionados always keep the ‘Outlook’ in their priority list. But, do we know who is behind such powerful yet different brands? The name of the business magnate is Rajan Raheja. Born in 1954, Mr Rajan is the 28th richest person in India with Forbes calculated his net worth to be $2.1 Billion. Rajan Raheja belongs to the affluent Raheja fraternity and the family has its business sprawling in various sectors, ranging from manufacture industry to media and even the insurance sector.


Not much has been revealed about Raheja’s yesteryears. Though, he completed his Bachelors from the University of Mumbai.

Early Career


After completing his Bachelors, Rajan Raheja ventured into entrepreneurship. He had his first stint in the construction material business, especially the ceramic and cement industry. Mr Rajan emerged as a proficient business person and he turned his company into a heavyweight contemporary. After achieving unprecedented success in the manufacture department, Mr Rajan turned towards other sectors, such as media and finances.


Rajan Raheja started his Raheja Group by competing in the construction arena. He set up his first cement corporation known as Prism Cement Ltd. Thereafter, to widen the horizons, Mr Raheja ventured into ceramics. And for that, he set up H&R Johnson India and RMC Readymix India. The former is a very reputed tile manufacturing company and is regarded as one of the best in the tile market. The latter focusses on concrete products. RMX Readymix India is a joint venture of Rahejas and the UK’s RMC Group. Moreover, RMC Readymix is one of the biggest concrete manufacturing companies in the Indian sub-continent.

Initial success phase

After making his mark in cement and ceramics, Raheja set his eyes upon the battery market. This move turned out to be a masterstroke as the Exide Batteries Ltd founded by Mr Raheja is the top name of the industry. Exide batteries are among the most sought in India and this has made Exide Batteries the largest manufacturer of the batteries in India. Moreover, they also produce batteries for submarines.


Raheja’s final project in the construction industry has been the alliance of Raheja Group and Supreme Industries Limited. They are the giants in plastic material industry.

Wholesome success

Raheja sought to make his mark in other core sectors. He started with the media industry and founded the Outlook Publications. Outlook is one of the most demanded magazines in the country. He expanded his media work by launching the cable company, Hathway cable and Datacom Limited. Hathway has also garnered rave reviews for its widespread service. More was to follow as Raheja also set up the Asianet Communications which provides cable service in Kerela.


After establishing himself in the Media and Construction industries, he channelled his energy towards the finance sector, thereby establishing Raheja QBE insurance company. The biggest player of Raheja in the finance sector is the Exide Life Insurance Company Ltd, which was a joint venture with ING insurance, but Raheja bought its shares afterwards.

In his voyage to diversify the Raheja Group, Mr Rajan has also ventured into the software world via a firm by the name of Sonata Software.

Career Highlights

 The name of the business magnate is Rajan Raheja. Born in 1954, Mr Rajan is the 28th richest person in India with Forbes calculated his net worth to be $2.1 Billion. Though, Mr Rajan has a very glittering career full of highlights, the major achievements have been the phenomenal success of Exide Batteries & Exide Life Insurance. Moreover, the remarkable reach of Outlook publications has added a golden feather to one of the most astounding success stories ever been realised.

Personal Life


Mr Raheja is known to be a shy person who avoids the limelight. He currently lives with his family of two children and wife at their residence in Mumbai. He’s the perfect example of how an entrepreneur can put more in the world than take out.

Final Word

Rajan Raheja’s glorious career is an inspiration to the aspiring entrepreneurs as he defied the apprehensions of a loss and went on with his ways. And the rest is history.