Masayoshi SonSuccessStory

Masayoshi Son SuccessStory

Masayoshi Son

Great careers and landmarks can sometime happen through an inspiring journey.Masayoshi Son is the Founder and CEO of the telecommunications firm SoftBank. After establishing SoftBank, Son went on to work with top organizations like Yahoo (CEO, Yahoo Japan) and BB Technologies (Chairman of the Board). He currently heads Sprint Corporation Mobile and Telecom sector. According to Forbes 2014 survey, Masayoshi Son is the Richest Man in Japan.

Background and Career

Masyoshi Son was born in Tosu, Japan on August 11, 1957. Although belonging to Korean ethnicity, his family adopted Japanese culture and the surname Yasumoto. He graduated from University of California in Economics. Even as a child, Son showed great interest in computer chips. As he grew, Son was convinced that computers would soon revolutionize the commercial sector.

masayoshi son  with steve jobs

Masayoshi Son with Steve Jobs

After completing his graduation, Son founded SoftBank Corporation in 1981 as an internet and telecommunications organization. In 1986, he became the Chairman and CEO of SoftBank Corporation. In early 2000, he joined Yahoo Japan, where he led the company as President and CEO. After this, he joined BB Technologies Corporation, which is now known as the SoftBank BB Corporation.Son had established Yahoo BB in 2001. In 2006, Vodafone sold its mobile division to SoftBank for 1.75 trillion Japanese Yen.Soon after the acquisition of Vodafone though, SoftBank was in crisis. Yahoo BB still managed to acquire Japan Telecom and clear some of the dues of SoftBank. Today Yahoo BB leads the Japan's broadband networking under the guidance of Masayoshi Son.Son bought 76 per cent of Sprint Corporation soon after joining the company. He is now the chairman of Sprint.

We are born to make things happen - Masayoshi Son


Masayoshi Son is an active philanthropist. He has played an integral part in the recovery strategy during the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in 2011. He was also instrumental in establishing solar power projects in Japan. In 2011, Son donated $120 million to help the victims of Tohoku Tsunami.

masayoshi son with narendra modi

Masayoshi Son with Narendra Modi

Massayoshi Son's SoftBank has acquired some of the most influential organizations. It now has an established reputation worldwide in telecom sector. Recently, the company started piling up stakes of Supercell (Finland) and Brightstar (US).Masayoshi Son, with a net worth of $19.7 Billion, as of April 2014, is reportedly the Richest man in Japan and one among the top 10 richest globally. Additionally, he is listed as one of the notable influential people of his time.A forward thinking entrepreneur, Masayoshi Son mastered the art of taking calculated risks that pay off in the end. His step by step methodology in establishing and planning business stands as a fine learning for aspiring young entrepreneurs all over the world.

Story of Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son

Full Name :
Masayoshi Son
Born :
11th-Aug -1957
Birth Place :
Saga Prefecture
Education :
University of California Berkeley
Occupation :
Founder , CEO
Industry :
Networth :
$14.5 Billion

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