Moraes Scripilliti Story

Moraes Scripilliti Story

Maria Helena Moraes Scripilliti

Ina  country like Brazil, few women have really made a mark for themselves in the field of business. Maria Helena Moraes Scripilliti is one of them. A Brazilian based businesswoman, Maria is one of the top 20 billionaires in the country. She is the co-owner of the Votorantim, a part of her family business founded by her father.

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Antonio Pereira Ignacio, her father, was a Portuguese immigrant who purchased a factory of textiles in the state of Sao Paulo. It gradually covered varied industries in the country, and became one of the biggest privately held enterprises in Brazil. After her father’s death in the year 2014, she gained control over the Votorantim Group, along with her brother Ermirio Pereira De Moraes.

Contribution to The Votorantim Group

contribution to the votorantim group

Founded in 1918 by her father, Votorantim moved from textile and entered the business of cement in the year 1936. This was perhaps the biggest decision in the company’s history, as cement is the main business of the group as of now. In 1950s, the company also ventured into the Brazilian business of aluminum. After the death of Jose Ermirio in 1971, the company was taken over by his son Antonio Ermirio.

Under his control, the group diversified into different industries, including pulp, orange juice, nickel etc. The group also opened a banking institution in 1991, which expanded operations even in times of 1000% hyperinflation in Brazil.While all this was going on in her family business, Maria was also instrumental in making significant contributions towards the group.

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Actually, a lot of her contribution was accredited to her marriage with Clovis Scripilliti. Clovis took over her family business to a large extent after his marriage to Maria, and helped expand the Votorantim Group in the north-east Brazil during 1960s-70s. The couple has 4 children, out of whom Clovis Ermirio de Moraes Scripilliti currently serves as the vice chairman of the Votorantim Group.

Today, her Grupo Votorantim is the 5th biggest diversified industrial corporations in the whole of Latin America, with sales of more than $10.5 billion. Currently, her family business is present in 20 different countries across the globe, in varied industries of energy, pulp, paper, aluminum, and most importantly cement.

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It is one of the oldest family businesses in Latin America, with the family still controlling 100% of its business operations. Her brother, Ermirio Pereira, is also one of the top billionaires in Brazil, with a net worth of more than US $ 3.2 billion. Maria Helena Moraes Scripilliti is a part of one of the biggest family owned businesses in Brazil.

Almost all her family members, including her son, brother, deceased husband and father are and were involved in the business, and there is no stopping to the company’s success in future. Currently operated by the family’s 3rd generation, the company is operational in various industries of the country, and Maria has yet to see a lot of success, fame and wealth coming in.

Votorantim Group Company Achievement