Kazuo Hirai Success Story

Kazuo Hirai Success Story

Kazuo Hirai

Hardwork, perseverance and sheer passion is what it requires to make a mark in any trending precinct today. Kazuo Hirai, president and chief executive officer, Sony Inc., is one such incredible example of the technical arena. Strategic, intellectual and a gaming freak, he began his corporate career with Sony Inc. in the year 1984. With his determination and the eye for the pixel perfection, he was appointed as the president and the chief executive office in the year 2012.


Born in Tokyo, Japan on December 22, 1960, he was very inclined towards gaming since childhood. Travelling might just be a road to a destination for few, but not for Hirai. During his childhood, he made numerous trips to almost every corner of the globe - be it Canada, New York or California, a trait which eventually changed the course of Hirai's intellectual nature and that which is reflected in the organization he is associated with.

Graduating from the International Christian University, Japan with a bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts, Mr. Hirai joined Sony Inc. (previously CBS). Initially he was absorbed in the department of marketing international music. Eventually he moved to Sony Music Japan's New York office, where he led the Sony Computer Entertainment Japan's international business affairs. 

kazuo hirai with his wife riko hirai

Although the gamut of his skills cannot be quantified, not to mention in the international business management, his greatest expertise was always nucleated in the gaming sector. His passion for the gaming interest never warned out and in the year 1999, Hirai was appointed as the President and the Chief Operating Officer of SCEA with complete managerial responsibility for US gaming division.

 A few years later his interest touched new heights and he was made responsible for the SCEI gaming, widening his managerial role in gaming business all over the globe. With the childhood interest in gaming, Hirai followed his passion and Sony is now the leading brand in the gaming business industry. Hirai played an elemental role in revolutionizing the gaming industry with the Sony PlayStation, a name that needs no introduction for its gaming platform and entertainment.

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Mr. Hirai, in the year 2009, was appointed as the president of Networked Products & Services Group at Sony. During his tenure at this position, he was able to successfully launch Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited, Sony's online hit services. The determination to succeed and the quest for excellence further augmented his desire. In the year 2011, Mr. Hirai took over the whole sole responsibility of Sony's entire consumer electronics and services, its sales and marketing and design and the technical aspects.

The next generation doesn't start until we say it does - Kazuo Hirai

Throughout his childhood, Kazuo Hirai was deeply influenced by creativity and knowledge and to this day, the passion for innovation, creativity and 'dig in for the gold' attitude enables him to drive new technologies and innovation across various products. His temperament, mindset and the thirst for success has made him what he is today. He has been known as the "mogul in the running" in Vanity Fair's 2004 "New Establishment" list. Considering his inspiring achievements, perseverance and leadership attitude, he got himself listed as one of the most intellectual and influential executives in the pursuit by Entertainment Weekly.


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