Famous People with Zodiac Sign Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the zodiac sign of people born between 23rd November and 21st December. This sign is represented by the archer and belongs to some of the most ambitious and positive signs of the zodiac. People born under this zodiac sign seem to be lucky, always attractive good fortune and positive thoughts in their lives. They are intelligent and independent, with great love for their personal freedom in whatever they do. This sometimes makes them wary of commitments, but they tend to be very loyal friends.Here are some famous people with zodiac sign Sagittarius:

People born as Sagittarius have love for knowledge. They want to amass knowledge by reading and learning. They also love travelling to new places in their quest for knowledge as well as hunger for adventure and thrill. They are also sports lovers and love to live life full of excitement. Sagittarius people are quite straight forward in their speech and actions and this is the reason why sometimes they can seem to be tactless. At the same time, they expect others to be simple and straight forward towards them.

The negative aspect of Sagittarius personality is that these people can sometimes be rash and reckless, taking a plunge into new experiences without visualizing the consequences. Emotionally, they can be detached and move easily, though at heart, they are warm and loving people. They hate slow pace in anything they do and this can make them irritated. Patience is not their cup of tea and they tend to jump from one task to another without even a second thought.