Jenny Lee Story

Jenny Lee Story

Jenny Lee

Jenny Lee is known for being an effective and efficient part of GGV Capital and played an important role in setting up the company in China. Inclined to technological developments and all things technical, she has worked in collaboration with companies that were experimenting with disruptive technologies, with an intention to come up with latest technical inventions that can benefit the corporate world at large.



Lee was born in the year 1973, in Singapore. When she turned 18, she attained a scholarship from Singapore Technologies Group and enrolled in Electrical Engineering course in Cornell University.

Early Life

After completing her graduation, she took up a job with Singapore Technology Aerospace in their electronic warfare division. Her first job involved maintaining and upgrading fighter planes that were used in the wars. She was involved in this technical field for quite some time before she decided to join a Management course in USA. She enrolled into the Kellogg School of Management in Northwestern University.


Once, she had completed her Master’s Degree in Business Administration, she decided to move to Honk Kong which in those days was a hub of technical development in China. She joined Morgan Stanley in 2001 and initiated her career in Investment Banking. After a year, she quit her job at Morgan Stanley and joined Jafco.


In the year 2005, Jenny Lee moved to GGV Capital. As soon as she joined the company, she became instrumental in starting their first ever branch in China. She started operating the branch with just one suitcase of money and no scope for credits in the market. This was actually the time when Venture Capitals were just starting out and were still a novelty in the Chinese market.


Since, the Chinese market was completely different from the US one, bringing in the VC idea needed some refurbishment which was completely Lee’s brain child. Since, in those days, VC firms were only targeting consumer goods and had not ventured in technology, Jenny Lee with GGV played an important role in making this successful in the Chinese corporate world.


With her work being in tandem with the convergence of the Eastern and the Western market, Lee has a great understanding of either market. She went on to become the Managing Partner of GGV Capital and continues to be an integral part of the company.



Jenny Lee has made it to the Forbes Magazine list of Global Top 100 VC Midas list for four consecutive years since 2011. She was awarded the Top Female Venture Capitalist Award in 2015. She was ranked number 10 in the Highest Ranking Women of the World in the Midas List. In the Top 10 on Midas List, she happens to be the first woman who has managed to break the so called Cash Ceiling. It is believed that her work is at par with legends in the investment field like Mary Meeker, Peter Thiel, Marc Andreessen and Fred Wilson.

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