Famous People Born in 1973

Chinese astrology has a unique way of studying people and their personalities. In this system, each year is related with an animal and all those people whose birth date falls in the year are believed to possess the behavioral traits of that particular animal. 1973 is the year of the ox and like the animal, people born in this year are seen as diligent, determined and dependable personalities. Honesty comes naturally to them and they also give great importance to their work, families as well as their nation. Here are some famous people born in the year 1973:

They are family oriented people, committed to give the best education to their children. Another positive trait found in these people is their strong patience, which makes them highly consistent as they advance towards their goals.

People born in the year 1973 have persistence to move ahead on the path of their goals and are hardly influenced by others. They are detail oriented and will have a plan chalked out before proceeding with its implementation. A combination of physical strength and strong faith makes them able to get success in all their endeavors. They enjoy good health all their lives and seldom fall prey to ailments. However, they tend to become too involved in work and seldom find time to relax. They do best in careers of engineering, pharmacy, agriculture, real estate, politics and mechanics.

On the negative side, people born in 1973 have a tendency to be stubborn and seldom deviate from their own beliefs. Their communication skills are poor, which makes the difficult to deal with. While social interactions are not their cup of tea, they make sincere friends and committed lovers. They do not believe in changing partners in love.