Gustavo Cisneros Story - Media Mogul Of Cuban Descent

Gustavo Cisneros Story - Media Mogul Of Cuban Descent

Gustavo Cisneros

A media tycoon of Cuban descent, Gustavo Cisneros is one of the richest persons in the world. He holds his legacy from a family of entrepreneurs that started with his father, Diego Cisneros. Gustavo has the reputation of not only maintaining the business but accomplishing milestones better than his previous generation. The remarkable stand of his company in the market surely highlights the entrepreneurial skills the man possesses.


Gustavo Cisneros was born on November 20, 1945 to Diego Cisneros, a highly acclaimed businessman who holds the credit for receiving Pepsi concession for Venezuela in 1940. His father further rose to power in 1961 when he achieved the private TV channel ‘Venevision’ concession. His childhood was nurtured in an environment that shaped his business acumen in the coming years. Gustavo completed his education from the Suffield Academy in Connecticut in 1963. He later entered into the Babson College in Massachusetts to complete his higher studies. He graduated for Babson College in 1968.

Early Career

gustavo cisneros, chairman and chief executive officer of the cisneros group

After his graduation from the Babson College, Gustavo entered into the business established by his father. Owing to his business acumen, skills and fine creativity, he got the break very early in his career. Since 1968, Gustavo is holding the key position of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Cisneros Group.


Throughout his career, Gustavo Cisneros has worked to strategically develop Cisneros. It is the result of his work that Cisneros Group today has emerged to be stronghold in the segments of media, telecom, brewery, real estate and sports in Venezuela. The company holds the reputation of being one among the largest Spanish Speaking media and telecommunications company. In an attempt to attract the female viewers, Gustavo’s company signed a partnership with the Latin American Division of the Turner Broadcasting Systems.

 partnership with the latin american division of the turner broadcasting systems

Apart from his commitments to Cisneros, Gustavo is also a charter member of the United Nations Information and Communication technologies Task Force. He is also a position holder in Georgetown University, Harvard University etc.

Career Highlights

His career is highlighted by the fact that today Cisneros has over 30 companies under its wings satisfying millions of customers in over 90 countries. His extraordinary career record fetched him the position in the Board of Governors of the World Economic Forum for communications, media and entertainment segments. On a social note, Gustavo has always advocated normalization of the political relations between Cuba and the US. Gustavo says, “Ingredients for success in business: brains, a heart and courage”.

Personal Life

gustavo cisneros   family

Gustavo Cisneros, in 1970 married Patricia Phelps. His wife happens to be the granddaughter of the New York ornithologist William Henry Phelps. The couple is highly respected in the business fraternity. An admirer of arts, the husband and wife possess an exquisite collection of Latin American art. They have three children. Gustavo’s daughter Adriana took over as the new CEO of Cisneros in 2013.



The Smithsonian Institute in 2004 awarded him the Woodrow Wilson Award for Public Service in Florida. In 2005, Gustavo was given the honor of “Personality of the Year” by MIPCOM. Venezuela conferred upon him the highest honor of ‘Knight of the Order of Malta’, ‘The Order of the Liberator in the First Degree’.


Woodrow Wilson

Gustavo y Adriana Cisneros speech during NATPE 2015.

Full Name :
Gustavo Cisneros
Born :
20th-Nov -1945
Birth Place :
Education :
Babson College
Occupation :
Industry :
Networth :
3.6 billion USD

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