Suleiman Kerimov Story

Suleiman Kerimov Story

Suleiman Kerimov


Suleiman Kerimov is a Russian investment magnate, a noted politician and a philanthropist. He is the owner of football club, Anzhi Machakhkala. Kerimov has major share in Russia’s biggest gold producer, Polyus Gold. His fortunes collectively sum up to $3.1 Billion and that makes him the 31st richest person in Russia.

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Suleiman Kerimov was born on 12th March, 1966 in the Derbent region of the then USSR’s Dagestan state. His father worked as a lawyer, while his mother was an accountant. He opted to study engineering but could not complete his studies due to compulsory military service. On completing his term with the army, Kerimov did his Bachelors in Financial accounting in Economics from the Dagestan State University.

Early Career

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Kerimov joined the Eltav Electrical Plant as an accountant. Slowly but steadily, he rose to the post of Deputy Director General in the company.

Mr. Kerimov was assigned the role of Relations Manager. He was responsible for handling trnsactions between Eltav and Fedprombank, a Moscow bank set up by the electrical company.


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Kerimov was appointed the head of Soyuz Finans banking & trading company. He played a crucial role in the takeover of Avto Bank and Smolensky Passazh Business center. By late 1990s, Kerimov became a 50% shareholder in the Vnukovo Airlines and then used his assets to take over Fedprombank.

Kerimov purchased the oil company, Nafta Moskva. He completely transformed Nafta from an oil company to an investment holding giant. Kerimov became a member of Russian parliament, Duma. Kerimov bought stakes in the oil & gas company Gazprom and the Sberbank. In 2005, Nafta took over Russia’s biggest gold and silver mining company, JSC Polymetal. But in 2008, he sold his shares of Polymetal due to the 2008 financial crisis.

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Kerimov purchased major stakes in the Russia gold giant, Polyus Gold and the potash heavyweight, Uralkali. Another milestone in his career has been the takeover of FC Anzhi Machakhkala.

Personal Life

Kerimov married Firuza. They had met when he was in the university. The couple has three children. The family lives in Moscow. Kerimov donated 1 Million Euros to a charity foundation dedicated to attending to children suffering burn injuries. He has established his own charity, Suleyman Kerimov Foundation, which helps distressed communities and firms.