Fernando Moreira Salles Story

Fernando Moreira Salles Story

Fernando Roberto Moreira Salles


Fernando Roberto Moreira Salles is one of the richest billionaires in Brazil with an estimated net worth of 1.66 Billion. He is one of the chief stake holders of Itau Unibanco, a bank headquartered at Sao Paulo, Brazil. Fernando Roberto was instrumental in the acquisition of CBMM (Cia Brasileira de Metalurgia & Mineracao), the world’s leading Niobium supplier in Araxa, Brasil. Fernando belongs to one of the oldest banking families of Brazil.

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Fernando Roberto Moreira Salles was born in 1946 in Rio de Janeiro. He is the son of Walter Moreira Salles an affluent banker and ambassador to the United States. Fernando Moreira Salles did his graduation from the Fundação Getulio Vargas. His father Walter Moreira Salles founded Unibanco. Fernando has three brothers.

Career Highlights

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Fernando Moreira Salles with Pedro Moreira Salles

Fernando founded CBMM in 1955, the world’s greatest supplier of niobium and niobium related technologies. A few years back the family sold fifteen percent of their stake to companies in Korea and Japan. The family still retains about seventy percent of the stake in the company. Fernando’s keen decision making skills and business acumen has taken the family business to new heights of success. He spearheads the family business empire and has ensured that the business sustains itself and continues to garner profit, adding to the family assets.

At present, Itau Unibanco is the largest financial conglomerate in South America providing employment to over ninety-five thousand people with a net revenue crossing over fifty-six billion.

Personal Life

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Fernando is married and has two children. The family lives in Sao Paolo, Brazil.