Famous People Born in 1946

Astrology studies the personalities of people in relation to their date and time of birth, and all the people born in the same year exhibit similar personality traits. The year 1946 is seen as the year of the dog in Chinese astrology and the people born in this year are believed to be faithful and loyal like this animal. They are committed to help all those who need them and make extremely good friends and companions. While they are part of social gatherings, these people prefer to be good listeners rather than speakers as they are a little shy in nature.Here are some famous people born in the year 1946:

People born in the year 1946 have a great sense of devotion and honesty, which is the reason why they still remain dedicated to their loved ones even if they are angry with them. At the same time, they are critical of all those who do not have the same sense of duty as they do. These people have the courage to speak up against the wrong doings in the society and would always raise his voice against them. They make good career in the field of nursing, teaching, medicine and social work.

All the people born in this year tend to find the wrong in passing injustice in the society, but they tend to take things in a less serious light as they age. However, their ideal of standing against the wrong stays with them as long as they live.