Carlos Rodriguez Pastor Success Story

Carlos Rodriguez Pastor Success Story

Carlos Rodriguez Pastor Persivale

A man with diverse qualities, Carlos Rodriguez-Pastor is the owner of the Interbank Group. He is best known for his ability mix up his unique business ideas with the conventional ones. A man with unique business acumen, Carlos is one of the most successful persons in the world.


Carlos Rodriguez-Pastor was born in one of the wealthiest families of Peru. He is the son of the late businessman turned politician Carlos Rodriguez-Pastor Mandoza. He was born on April 11, 1959 in Lima, Peru. His early childhood witnessed serious political disturbances.

He was admitted to the Immaculate Heart College when his father had to flee to Ecuador due to the military coup in Peru. Later on, the family settled in California in US. He studied Social Sciences in the University of California, Berkeley. He went on to obtain the MBA degree from the Dartmouth College of Hannover.

Early Career


His early career stated in 1989 when he moved to New York to work for the Citigroup. It did not take him long to showcase his business skills. Within four years in 1993, he established Banco Santander New World Investment.

In 1994, he returned to Peru with his father where in collaboration with American Investors, the father-son duo bought the InterBank which was formerly known as the Banco International del Peru.



 Post the death of his father, Carlos took over the responsibilities of the InteBank. With hard work and determination, Carlos consolidated the InterBank Group and went on to establish Urbi properties in 1998.

His company went on to purchase the Royal Ahold Supermercados Santa Isabel in 2003 and became a dominant figure in the Peruvian market. His foundation of the hotel chain called Casa Andina in 2003 added a feather to his career success.

In 2006, the Intergroup Financial Services Corporation was established by collaboration of the InterBank with Interseguro Insurer.

Career Highlights

ipae 2012 award

Carlos founded Nexus Group in Panama in 1998 with the aim of investing in Universities and School Projects. In 2011, InRetail in Panama came into existence. InRetail owns supermarkets, drugstores and malls in Panama. His career is highlighted by the responsible positions he held for so many years.

According to the World Economic Forum, Carlos has been serving as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the InterCorp, Chairman of the InterBank and Director of many other ventures like Casa Andina, Innova Schools, InRetail, NG Restaurants etc since 1995. There is absolutely no doubt in the fact that his career highlights the true meaning of success.

Personal Life

Much information about Carlos’s personal life is out of public domain. He leads a quiet life with his wife Gabriela Perez Rocchietti and two children. He resides in Lima in Peru.


Carlos has many awards and recognitions to his credit. In August 2011, Bloomberg named him as one among the eight ‘Hidden Billionaires’ in the World. He has a net asset of $1.74 billion according to Forbes in 2015. He was placed in the list of billionaires by Forbes in 2012.

Carlos Rodriguez Pastor Speech

Full Name :
Carlos Rodriguez Pastor Persivale
Born :
11th-Apr -1959
Birth Place :
Education :
University of California Berkeley
Occupation :
Industry :
Networth :
$ 2.1 Billion

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