Richest People in Switzerland

Richest People in Switzerland

Richest People in Switzerland

Switzerland is known for the scenic beauty and the landscapes. It is also famous for its service sector. Switzerland has the one of the most stable economies in the world. People find it safe to invest in Switzerland, thus making its economy dependent on foreign investments.

Who wouldn’t want to invest in a place surround with a peaceful environment? Switzerland is also famous for its watches, Agriculture, tourism and banking. Here is the list of the richest people of Switzerland.

1. Ernesto Bertarelli & family – $11.7 billion

ernesto bertarelli   family

Ernesto Bertarelli is a Swiss business man and a philanthropist. He owned a pharmaceuticals firm Sereno which he later sold to Mereck for a fortune. His wife is an accomplished music writer and a singer.

2. Hansjoerg Wyss – $11.4 billion

hansjoerg wyss

Hansjoerg is a Swiss entrepreneur. He is the Former CEO of Synthes Chairman of The Wyss Foundation and The HJW Foundation. Hansjoerg is known to preserve the environment and landscape by buying the mining rights from companies.

3. Margarita Louis-Dreyfus – $9.6 billion

margarita louis dreyfus

Margarita Louis-Dreyfus is the Chairman of the Louis Dreyfus Group. She took over the Louis Dreyfus Group after her husband passed away from leukemia.

4. Gianluigi & Rafaela Aponte – $6.2 billion

gianluigi   rafaela aponte

Gianluigi & Rafaela Aponte is a well known name in the shipping industry. They started their business with a single cargo ship between Europe and Africa. Slowly expanding the business they entered into the cruise industry.

5. Thomas Schmidheiny – $5.7 billion

thomas schmidheiny

6. Sergio Mantegazza – $4.6 billion

sergio mantegazza

7. Magdalena Martullo-Blocher – $3.4 billion

magdalena martullo blocher

8. Rahel Blocher – $3.4 billion

rahel blocher

There is surely one thing understood that the rich people of Switzerland not only believe in earning big but also believe in generosity. The philanthropic acts definately make us think so!