Sergio Mantegazza Story

Sergio Mantegazza Story

Sergio Mantegazza


Sergio Mantegazza is a businessman of Swiss origin. He is the chairman and owner of Globus, the multinational travel company. According to Forbes, Sergio is the 628th richest billionaire in the world and the 13th richest man in Switzerland. His estimated net worth is US$ 2.9 billion. Sergio is popularly known as the ‘Vacation King’.

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Sergio Mantegazza was born in 1927 in Switzerland. He studied at the Istituto Elvetico and Gademann Business School. Sergio’s father was Antonio Mantegazza.

Early Career

Sergio joined his father’s travel business. His father had started a small travel business in 1928 on Lake Lugano with a single gondola that ferried tourists around Lake Lugano.


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Sergio is Chairman, Globus and one of the richest people in Switzerland. Sergio began to expand the company's operations, turning it into a global travel and tour empire. Globus currently does European river cruises as well as guided tours in South Africa, United Kingdom, United States and Canada.

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Sergio has a substantial stake in the Mantegazza families residential and commercial real estate in Lugano. He has a huge portfolio of low risk bonds. Sergio recently sold his to Greybull Capital at an impressive profit.

Personal Life

Sergio Mantegazza is married and has three children; Paolo Mantegazza died in 2004, Fabio Mantegazza and Maria Dolores Mantegazza. Fabio Mantegazza, was chief executive of Monarch Airlines. Sergio resides in Lugano, Switzerland.